• A Gachapon machine in Nara City
  • Souvenir Shop in Nara City
  • The lake at Nara Park
  • Kofukuji Temple Grounds
  • Feeding deer “shika-senbei” (deer crackers)
  • Various images of Nara Park on the way to Todaiji Temple
  • Todaiji (Buddhist) Temple entrance
  • Todaiji Temple itself!
  • The Big Buddha (Daibutsu), the largest bronze Buddha on Earth
  • Other structures and replicas from the original Todaiji Temple (partially destroyed by fire at one point, and then restored)
  • The thing that the kids are crawling through is “Buddha’s ear”. It is supposed to be the same size as the ear hole in the Big Buddha itself. If you can pass through it, you will have great luck in life!
  • The other non-big buddhas are called Boddhivistas, people who decided to remain on Earth in order to help other people ascend to enlightenment
  • The statue with the red robe is said to heal whatever place you touch on him while praying
  • The gold thing is a lightning rod from the original pagoda like structures
  • The BIG old stone staircase is called Nigatsu Dou, or February Hall. It is super old and still preserved so many ancient artworks were dedicated to it that you can still see today
  • More nara park scenery and sweet bebe deeries!

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