09/17/2017 – 10/01/2017

A huge Thank You! I have to give a huge Thank You to Josh & Megan Johnston! I would never have visited Japan without their help and support! Thank You for giving me a place to stay and for taking the time to show me around Japan! This will be one memory that I will remember for a long long time!

A second Thank You! A second big Thank You goes to Megan for the help and support getting my website up and going! She is the provider of the descriptions for each date below!


Highlights: Kashihara neighborhood called Kume, Fukuda Pond & Pictures around Nishi-Ikejiri-cho


Highlights: Osaka Castel, Bunnies, Osaka Castle Park & Umeda Sky Tower


Highlights: Kyoto Station, Arashiyama Monkey Park, Fushimi Inari-taisha & Kyoto Tower Hotel


Highlights: Kyoto Station, Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion) & Silver Pavillion (Ginkakuji Temple) 


Highlights: Kofukuji Temple Grounds, Nara Park, Lots of cute deer, Todaiji Temple & Nigatsu Dou


Highlights: Ancient Imai cho village


Highlight: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


Highlight: Cat cafe – Kashihara, Nara

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