• Kume-Dera Buddhist Temple grounds.
  • (Walking from the Temple to the Shrine is “Kume-cho”, Kume neighborhood in Kashihara)
  • Next is Kashihara Shinto Shrine grounds. The shrine is dedicated to first emperor Jimmu, where he founded Japan.
  • The fountain with cups is a ceremonial hand washing station.
  • The big placard at Kashihara Shrine depicting the year of the rooster is called an “ema” (the little ones are called this too)
  • The pond at Kashihara Shrine is called Fukuda Pond.
  • The orange gates are a small Inari Shrine (fox messenger goddess).
  • Our neighborhood is called Nishi-Ikejiri-cho.
  • The conbini was our neighborhood 7-11.

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